Treat Head Lice At Home

I know you are in a panic!!  You don’t really have to go any further on my site or read anything more than this one simple page!  The three links on this page provide everything you need from trusted sources. Three clicks to a lice free family………..  Remember – the more informed you are the more successful you will be in getting rid of head lice.

By now, you should have visited the official web site of the National Pediculosis Association.  If by chance you have missed finding their site, I suggest you take some time and read what they have to say right now!  Click on their link above.

If you are looking to purchase a Professional treatment product or to arrange a home visit (Canada Only) to have someone take care of the problem in your home or at a local salon, you are safe to use the products and services provided by Lice Squad Canada.  This company is committed to the use of non-toxic non-pesticide products that are safe and effective.  Their lice comb is one of the best available and simply works!

If you are looking for a proven and effective product that you can mix at home, you are safe to use the formula that can be found in an on-line download e-book that I have tested personally and found to be extremely effective.  This product was created by Lucy Brown who is a graduate registered nurse from the Hospital for Sick Children.  Her products can be found here.

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