These are the facts!

The National Pediculosis Institute agrees!!

The use of pesticides and potentially toxic chemicals in the treatment of a head lice infestation can have long term negative effects on the health and well being of a child. Seizures, behavioral changes, attention deficit disorders, brain injury, skin diseases, and even death have been reported to the United States-based National Pediculosis Association’s registry by people who have used chemical treatments to get rid of head lice or scabies.

Head lice can be eliminated without the use of potentially toxic chemicals.  I can show you how.

An itchy scalp may be a sign that Head Lice are present. However, especially in the beginning stages of a potential infestation, this condition may not present itself. Some with less sensitive skin may never complain of an itchy scalp, while others will be irritated more easily. In many cases it takes time for the presence of the head louse to cause the itchy sensation that may be the first indication of the presence of head lice.

If it is within the financial means of your family to seek and use the services of a professional head lice treatment organization, I highly recommend this choice as the absolute best course of action to take. However, this course of action is not inexpensive. Using the correct information and a proven Home Head Lice Treatment formula, it is possible to treat and get rid of head lice at home through persistent, meticulous and completely thorough wet combing and follow up screening.  DON’T GIVE UP!! It is possible to send these pesky critters packing……..

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