Lice Comb Out Technique

Proper Lice Comb out Technique

In addition to using the correct lice comb and preparing wet tangle free hair, the process of separating the hair into small manageable sections is imperative. Pay particular attention to the “hot” spots above the ears, the nape of the neck and the crown of the head while covering the complete scalp (do not leave any area uncombed!!). Each section must be combed and re-combed until the area (and comb) are free of lice, nymphs and especially eggs BEFORE you move on to the next section. Wipe the comb on white paper towel after six to ten passes of the same section of hair, carefully looking for lice and lice eggs before you move on to the next section. It is recommended that a follow up treatment (yes – you should consider using Lice Squad Canada’s treatment OR a proven safe non-toxic non pesticide based home formula) be completed every four (4) days during a 14 to 20 day period.  In addition, a wet comb out must be done every two (2) days during the same 14 to 20 day period (using a wet comb out solution of properly treated hair conditioner). This is the ONLY way to successfully break the life cycle of the head louse!!

Lice CombWhile some professionals prefer to start the lice combing process at the forehead and work towards the back and sides of the head, others prefer to start at the nape of the neck and work upwards and towards the top and front of the head in a horseshoe pattern. The beginning and ending location is less important than is the combing process itself. Working patiently, thoroughly and methodically is the key to successful reduction and eventual complete removal of the lice infestation.  You will not likely get all the critters with one treatment and you are most likely to miss some eggs.  It is for this reason that you MUST repeat your process over and over again to be absolutely certain that all the eggs are gone (or you just wasted your time and efforts).

Once the lice combing process is completed, the subject should have a thorough shower paying particular attention to shampooing the hair to thoroughly remove any residue.  A complete change of clean clothes is a must. The person performing the treatment must also observe the above. Failure to observe this simple but important step may reverse all that good that has been accomplished.

In addition to treating the subject for removal, the living environment must be addressed and adequately included in the overall procedure to successfully break the life cycle of the louse. Pay particular attention to the area where the treatment was performed. Vacuum the area carefully and completely. Any materials used to collect the lice (such as your paper towels etc) must be removed immediately and disposed of in plastic bags. Personal items such as hats, coats, scarves, hoodies, sweaters, teddy bears, blankets or any other item that can safely be placed in a clothes dryer should be cycled on high heat for twenty to thirty minutes. (Lice cannot survive in hot dry air). Bedding, pillows, comforters and all other personal items should be washed in hot water and placed in a clothes dryer on high heat until dry.

For any items that cannot be washed and / or safely dried, place them in isolation for a period of not less than 48 hours.

The adult living louse cannot survive off the human head (without a blood meal) for more than 24 to 48 hours. Isolation effectively starves the louse to death.

REMEMBER – lice live on human heads and cannot live or survive without a human host.

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