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Home Remedies for LiceIf you have arrived at this page and are like all the hundreds of other moms and dads visiting my site, you probably have a head lice problem at your home.  No doubt you have spent money (sometimes a lot of it) and lots of time trying to solve this problem and your children (or even you) are still infested with Head Lice.  Perhaps you have consulted your pharmacist and may have already tried off the shelf lice shampoo treatments that usually provide some measure of relief, because many of them kill the live adult lice.  But these products ALL miss the eggs (nits).  NO product can end the head louse life cycle with one single application. SO, a few days later (just when you think you have ended the lice problem) the eggs hatch and the whole thing begins again.  You probably blame yourself for not having done the job correctly.  WRONG!!  It is NOT your fault.  It is NOT your child’s fault.  Head lice are more of a common problem than most parents and families realize.

Home Remedies for LiceYou are NOT alone!  Head lice are usually contracted through head-to-head contact (most common way) or sharing of personal items like hair brushes or combs or perhaps a hat or bicycle helmet.  This means that probably some of your children’s friends or school mates  have head lice TOO!  In fact, studies show that there are between 6 and 12 million cases of head lice infestations in the USA each year! Isn’t it time you considered Home Remedies for Lice that work?

Many households will already have all the ingredients you need to make a full strength professional grade Home Remedies for Lice – right in your home – right now!  What you don’t know is what to mix together and in what amount of each – to get the formula that works.  You probably don’t know how to apply it and comb out the live adults, nymphs and eggs.  You probably don’t know why it is so important to repeat the treatment.  You probably don’t know how long to leave the formula on the head before beginning the process of combing and you probably don’t know where to begin.

The answers to ALL these questions and more can usually be found on-line.  Problem is, there are so many self-proclaimed experts and home remedy experts that publish a ton of information that is only half or less of what you need to know.  You really have to stop believing what you want to hear and start listening to the few that can tell you what YOU NEED TO HEAR!

If you are among those parents that want to take the treatment of your head lice problem seriously and follow safe instructions with proven non-toxic remedies, then read on!

Sincerely – L.E. Brown – R.N. & Trained Professional Head Lice Removal Consultant

Home Remedies for Lice

Home Remedies for LiceSend Head Lice Packing!!!!!!!!!

Home Remedies for Lice by Linda E. Brown

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