Home Remedies for Lice


by Linda E. Brown

I have had a number of parents contact me looking for me to come to their home to help with removing head lice.  So I thought that I should try to do a better job at letting everyone know what this web site is all about.  I am not available for in-home head lice removal through this site, but have created these pages to make proper information on Head Lice and their life cycle available to those who need it.

Tested and proven Home Remedies for Lice.

There are so many different Home Remedies for lice on the internet it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Home Remedies for Lice can range from being a complete waste of time to dangerous!  I am not kidding!!  Head lice have been around for ever and it is not really a surprise that desperate people turn to desperate measures when nothing appears to work.  Many also look for something that is free and easy.  When it comes to Home Remedies for lice that actually work, those two things don’t fit in with what you have to do.  Getting rid of Head Lice will NOT BE EASY!  Getting rid of Head Lice will not be free.  It takes time and patience.  In addition to knowing what you need to do, you still have to purchase some ingredients and invest time into getting rid of your family’s head lice problem. I know these days parents are busy – some parents have more than one job just to make ends meet.  Many families are a single parent on top of everything else.  I get it!

Home Remedies for LiceAlthough some people are simply not able to bring themselves to deal with Head Lice in person, I am of the opinion that most mothers and fathers can do this in the privacy of their own home so long as they have the correct information and proper tools.  I have tried a number of Home Remedies for lice with the express purpose of evaluating them so that I can make a clear recommendation.  If and only if I know it works from experience will I suggest that it be used in your home.  It certainly didn’t hurt being a Registered Nurse, but only after I joined a Professional in-home Head Lice removal firm did I learn the information used everyday at work can I make a proper assessment of the products that are promoted on the internet.  The ingredient contained in any treatment formula is one important key to the success of a proven Home Remedies for Lice formula.  Although no-one can say Home Remedies for Licethat their product has a 100% success rate, if you learn the information that is provided by some reputable and successful contributors and then (above all) use patient and diligent combing technique with or without a proven formula (or even without purchasing anything but a good lice comb) – if cost is a real issue in your home – simply use hair conditioner in place of a purchased treatment formula. There is no reason why you will not achieve 100% successful and effective Home Head Lice Removal.

I routinely check for internet based products and can tell you from experience that Lucy’s Home remedies for lice works extremely well.

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