Home Head Lice Treatment that works

Registered Paediatric Nurse and trained Home Head Lice treatment consultant shares carefully guarded secret ingredients used by experts in professional products so you can mix your own completely  natural made at home formula that guarantees the safe removal of the toughest Head Lice infestations.

Why consider any of the numerous home remedies for lice that are available?

After graduating from High School, I trained as a paediatric nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children – graduating in the class of 1970 with my R.N. degree.  Following a number of years in practice, I retired to become a “stay at home” mom.   Of course this job provided me with a lifetime of experience that added day to day reality to my professional knowledge and nursing skills.

Mostly by happen chance, a number of years ago I was looking for a way to use some of my life skills to help families and especially children.  It came to my attention that “Head Lice” were more commonly found than I remembered from my own family experience.  In fact, head lice infestations were growing to epidemic proportion.

Even though my training should have provided me with a way to help, I found that I was lacking in knowledge and information.  It was at that point that I decided to make it my focus to get involved and do what I could to provide families with relief from this common affliction.

I became involved with a professional head lice removal service that does not use any pesticides or insecticides – working in the Canadian province of Ontario.  The MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION that I can provide you with – it is NEVER necessary to use products that contain toxic ingredients!  In fact using this type of product may introduce long-term harmful side effects to your child that may be irreversible!  It was with this company that I learned all about head lice and their life cycle and how to properly treat and remove them.

I realize that not everyone can afford to have a professional service take care of the removal process.  So I decided to share the information that I learned to help families just like yours – learn the facts, get the correct ingredients, mix a full strength safe treatment solution – apply, comb and break the head louse life cycle which will get rid of them.  You also learn how to best avoid a re-occurrence and with simple screening, catch any possible re-infestation early and prevent the beginning of a new batch of eggs, adults and nymphs.

My name is Linda Brown and I can tell you everything that you need to know about head lice and how to properly and safely get rid of even the most persistent infestation. I have treated hundreds of people – young and old alike with outstanding results.


5 thoughts on “Home Head Lice Treatment that works

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  2. Dear Lucy
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the great help your information and amazing formula has been to my family. My two girls came home from school with a nasty batch of head lice a few weeks ago. I tried everything to get rid of the little beasts but they kept on coming back. Now I know why. I got rid of the live ones but kept missing the eggs. With your amazing comb and …. … secret ingredient we finally got rid of the lot. I have already alerted a dozen or so moms from our school to get your products and save a ton of money and time. Like you said – it smells bad but it works! Thank you again so much for everything

    Linda G – Houston Texas

  3. Hi Lucy
    My friend Linda told me about your treatment. My kids go to the same school and also got the head louse mess. I was at my wits end and thought I would have to pay for someone to help us. There are so many people on the internet telling stories on what to do with all kinds of crazy ideas. I guess that some of them might work, but I don’t want to be the one to experiment on my children. I am glad that you went to the trouble to get this proper information out there for us. When you need help it is hard to know who to trust. Now that we have found you we never have to worry about this problem again. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
    Mary B – Houston Texas

    1. Mary
      remember to keep screening every two days for the next while to be sure you got all the eggs. Sounds like you have things under control now. Way to go!!!


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