Treat Head Lice At Home

I know you are in a panic!!  You don’t really have to go any further on my site or read anything more than this one simple page!  The three links on this page provide everything you need from trusted sources. Three clicks to a lice free family………..  Remember – the more informed you are the more successful you will be in getting rid of head lice.

By now, you should have visited the official web site of the National Pediculosis Association.  If by chance you have missed finding their site, I suggest you take some time and read what they have to say right now!  Click on their link above.

If you are looking to purchase a Professional treatment product or to arrange a home visit (Canada Only) to have someone take care of the problem in your home or at a local salon, you are safe to use the products and services provided by Lice Squad Canada.  This company is committed to the use of non-toxic non-pesticide products that are safe and effective.  Their lice comb is one of the best available and simply works!

If you are looking for a proven and effective product that you can mix at home, you are safe to use the formula that can be found in an on-line download e-book that I have tested personally and found to be extremely effective.  This product was created by Lucy Brown who is a graduate registered nurse from the Hospital for Sick Children.  Her products can be found here.

Home Remedies for Lice

Home Remedies for Licemade simpleGuaranteed!!


If you have arrived at this page and are like all the hundreds of other moms and dads visiting my site, you probably have a head lice problem at your home.  No doubt you have spent money (sometimes a lot of it) and lots of time trying to solve this problem and your children (or even you) are still infested with Head Lice.  Perhaps you have consulted your pharmacist and may have already tried off the shelf lice shampoo treatments that usually provide some measure of relief, because many of them kill the live adult lice.  But these products ALL miss the eggs (nits).  NO product can end the head louse life cycle with one single application. SO, a few days later (just when you think you have ended the lice problem) the eggs hatch and the whole thing begins again.  You probably blame yourself for not having done the job correctly.  WRONG!!  It is NOT your fault.  It is NOT your child’s fault.  Head lice are more of a common problem than most parents and families realize.

You are NOT alone!  Head lice are usually contracted through head-to-head contact (most common way) or sharing of personal items like hair brushes or combs or perhaps a hat or bicycle helmet.  This means that probably some of your children’s friends or school mates  have head lice TOO!  In fact, studies show that there are between 6 and 12 million cases of head lice infestations in the USA each year! Isn’t it time you considered Home Remedies for Lice that work?

Many households will already have all the ingredients you need to make a full strength professional grade Home Remedies for Lice – right in your home – right now!  What you don’t know is what to mix together and in what amount of each – to get the formula that works.  You probably don’t know how to apply it and comb out the live adults, nymphs and eggs.  You probably don’t know why it is so important to repeat the treatment.  You probably don’t know how long to leave the formula on the head before beginning the process of combing and you probably don’t know where to begin.

The answers to ALL these questions and more can usually be found on-line.  Problem is, there are so many self-proclaimed experts and home remedy experts that publish a ton of information that is only half or less of what you need to know.  You really have to stop believing what you want to hear and start listening to the few that can tell you what YOU NEED TO HEAR!

If you are among those parents that want to take the treatment of your head lice problem seriously and follow safe instructions with proven non-toxic remedies, then read on!

Sincerely – L.E. Brown – R.N. & Trained Professional Head Lice Removal Consultant

Send Head Lice Packing!!!!!!!!!

Home Remedies for Lice by Linda E. Brown

Home Head Lice Treatment that works

Registered Paediatric Nurse and trained Home Head Lice treatment consultant shares carefully guarded secret ingredients used by experts in professional products so you can mix your own completely  natural made at home formula that guarantees the safe removal of the toughest Head Lice infestations.

Why consider any of the numerous home remedies for lice that are available?

After graduating from High School, I trained as a paediatric nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children – graduating in the class of 1970 with my R.N. degree.  Following a number of years in practice, I retired to become a “stay at home” mom.   Of course this job provided me with a lifetime of experience that added day to day reality to my professional knowledge and nursing skills.

Mostly by happen chance, a number of years ago I was looking for a way to use some of my life skills to help families and especially children.  It came to my attention that “Head Lice” were more commonly found than I remembered from my own family experience.  In fact, head lice infestations were growing to epidemic proportion.

Even though my training should have provided me with a way to help, I found that I was lacking in knowledge and information.  It was at that point that I decided to make it my focus to get involved and do what I could to provide families with relief from this common affliction.

I became involved with a professional head lice removal service that does not use any pesticides or insecticides – working in the Canadian province of Ontario.  The MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION that I can provide you with – it is NEVER necessary to use products that contain toxic ingredients!  In fact using this type of product may introduce long-term harmful side effects to your child that may be irreversible!  It was with this company that I learned all about head lice and their life cycle and how to properly treat and remove them.

I realize that not everyone can afford to have a professional service take care of the removal process.  So I decided to share the information that I learned to help families just like yours – learn the facts, get the correct ingredients, mix a full strength safe treatment solution – apply, comb and break the head louse life cycle which will get rid of them.  You also learn how to best avoid a re-occurrence and with simple screening, catch any possible re-infestation early and prevent the beginning of a new batch of eggs, adults and nymphs.

My name is Linda Brown and I can tell you everything that you need to know about head lice and how to properly and safely get rid of even the most persistent infestation. I have treated hundreds of people – young and old alike with outstanding results.


Home Remedies for Head Lice


Home Remedies for Lice

I have had a number of parents contact me looking for me to come to their home to help with removing head lice.  So I thought that I should try to do a better job at letting everyone know what this web site is all about.  I am not available for in-home head lice removal but have created this site to make proper information on Head Lice and their life cycle available to those who need it.

These are the facts!

The National Pediculosis Institute agrees!!

The use of pesticides and potentially toxic chemicals in the treatment of a head lice infestation can have long term negative effects on the health and well being of a child. Seizures, behavioral changes, attention deficit disorders, brain injury, skin diseases, and even death have been reported to the United States-based National Pediculosis Association’s registry by people who have used chemical treatments to get rid of head lice or scabies.

Head lice can be eliminated without the use of potentially toxic chemicals.  I can show you how.

An itchy scalp may be a sign that Head Lice are present. However, especially in the beginning stages of a potential infestation, this condition may not present itself. Some with less sensitive skin may never complain of an itchy scalp, while others will be irritated more easily. In many cases it takes time for the presence of the head louse to cause the itchy sensation that may be the first indication of the presence of head lice.

If it is within the financial means of your family to seek and use the services of a professional head lice treatment organization, I highly recommend this choice as the absolute best course of action to take. However, this course of action is not inexpensive. Using the correct information and a proven Home Head Lice Treatment formula, it is possible to treat and get rid of head lice at home through persistent, meticulous and completely thorough wet combing and follow up screening.  DON’T GIVE UP!! It is possible to send these pesky critters packing……..

Available SOON for on-line Purchase!

Registered Paediatric Nurse and trained Professional Home Head Lice treatment consultant shares the natural made at home formula used professionally that guarantees the safe removal of the toughest Head Lice infestations.

Not available for on-line purchase ever before. Finally, a professional strength tried and tested product that you can make at home with ingredients available from your local Health Food store.

It’s true!  I found a home remedy that is professional strength and can be made at home.  I have tested this product and urged its creator to make it available to families everywhere.  It is coming soon………….